Adaptation service packages

So, if you’ve read the previous sections, you’re probably thinking that France is flooded with every possible paper, document and form. Indeed, as a foreigner in France, there can be some difficulties in making your stay in France comfortable and easy.

If you don't like dealing with endless, small and annoying paperwork, we will gladly help you to avoid them. Quartier Latin offers a package of services that includes the following procedures:






Informational support on all issues during your first year in France

Opening a French bank account

Purchasing a SIM card

Registering a travel pass

Connecting electricity

Connecting the home phone, Internet, cable television

Registering medical insurance


Registering additional medical insurance


First doctor’s appointment


Follow-up doctor’s appointments



Certified translation of documents 1



CAF registration


Assistance in OFII procedure


Contact with the administration of the educational institution, help with solving all organisational issues



Submission of the tax declaration


Extension of student documents


Driving licence replacement



Acquisition of a new national passport



Other services upon request








Trust our experience: it is better to arrange all the documents above competently and quickly. It will definitely save you money, nerves and time.

(1) The certificate, your latest diploma with the annex, your birth certificate

Spend your time studying, not drowning in paperwork!



  • Saving money;
  • Saving time;
  • Saving nerves;
  • It is almost guaranteed that you will obtain all necessary documents in a short time frame.



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