Cost of services

If you have decided to study in France, we are more than happy to do our best to help you apply to study and move there.

Remember: the process of applying to an educational institution takes a considerable amount of time, so you must contact us in advance. Otherwise, you may be faced with an extra charge for urgency.

You can pick and choose any of our services, but in practice, we have come to understand that buying service packages will ultimately save you time and money. We therefore advise you to come to us with a view to addressing all your needs regarding application rather than contacting us with multiple small questions:





Consultation on all educational opportunities in France

Evaluation of your French level by a native speaker


Selection of suitable educational institution

Advice on the correct preparation of documents for admission to the selected educational institution

Assistance in the preparation of documents for admission to three universities


Translation of your CV into French


Correction and translation of motivational letter


Certified translation of documents 1



Checking the documents before sending

Communication with the administration of the educational institution, arrangement of all organisational matters


Consultation on renting accommodation or finding places in a student residence

Housing selection within your search criteria 2



Consulate appointment to submit documents


Correction and translation of motivational letter for the visa


Assistance in filling out an application form for a long term visa


Assistance in filling out an OFII form


Meeting at the airport upon arrival


Assistance in finalizing administrative registration at the university


Support and provision of information on all issues in the first semester in France


Adaptation package 








(1) Certificate, your latest diploma and the annex thereto, birth certificate
(2) Student residence or apartment within a budget of 1000 euros per month

When you buy the Premium or Economy package, you can purchase any additional services at retail price.

Remember: education in France provides you with more that just excellent knowledge: it gives you indispensable experience and an understanding of a different culture. We will help you both adapt to this world but also comfortably settle there!


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