Private classes

If you plan to come to France and are still unsure about your ability to speak French, private classes will help you to quickly start speaking on the same wavelength as native speakers!

Our Company will select a tutor in France or abroad, who will work with you to eliminate the language barrier professionally and in a short time frame.

Rest assured about the quality of classes: the program is compiled according to your level, and each class includes carefully adapted exercises that give key information to help you master the language easily and correctly. For our tutors, this is not just run-of-the-mill tutoring in order to earn some money.

List of available programs:

  • Fluent French
  • Professional French
  • Work on all aspects of the language (reading, writing, speaking, listening)
  • Topical issues of modern life, etc.

Thanks to the combination of your private classes with a tutor and complete immersion into the language environment, you will see faster results!

In addition, you can take classes together with your friend, spouse or neighbour in a mini group of 3-4 people.

Thanks to our classes, you will learn how to speak French like a Parisian!


  • Effective intensive classes;
  • Variety of authentic materials;
  • The duration of the courses is not limited;
  • Possibility of enrolling during the year;
  • Programs for all ages and purposes;
  • Optimal control and self-evaluation of the course;
  • Possibility of visiting cultural events together with your tutor.



  • It is possible to enroll in classes both when you are in Europe and remotely, i.e. before you leave your home country.



Contact the managers at Quartier Latin to clarify the price of private classes.


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